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Magyk: Five out of five!

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This wonderful first in the series introduces us to the Heaps, a large family with six sons and one daughter. There is a prophecy… “The seventh son of the seventh son shall wield the most extraordinary Magykal power.” Septimus, seventh son to Silas Heap, also the seventh son, comes at last. However, on the day the seventh son to the Heap family arrives to the world, a midwife declares him as dead. On the same day, Silas, journeying home from the Forest surrounding the Castle with herbs for his wife Sarah, discovers a dark-haired baby with violet eyes in the snow. As he enters the gates into the Castle, Marcia Overstrand, newly made ExtraOrdinary Wizard, gives vague instructions to Silas of keeping the baby and raising her as his own. Named Jenna, the baby becomes part of the family… But where is Septimus? A charismatic introduction to the fantastic world of Septimus Heap, with breath-taking moments around every corner.


One thought on “Magyk: Five out of five!

  1. Dear readers,
    This is only my first post and I would like it very much if you can suggest any books for me to review/read. Though it says fantasy, any fiction books are welcome. This is real-time, so I can only post about the books I have actually read. If you would like to recommend any books, please go to the “Requests and Feedback” section and leave your comment there.

    Many thanks,

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