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The Lightning Thief: Stunning!

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This shocker from Rick Riordan is more than enough for eager readers. Percy is attention deficit and dyslexic, and he has been expelled from every school he has attended with field-trip-related incidents. So Percy is determined to be good when his class goes on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, but his hopes are dashed when Mrs. Dodds, his algebra teacher, wanted to “talk” with him. Mrs. Dodds revealed herself as one of the three Furies from the Greek myths and swooped down on Percy. Mr. Brunner, who is his Latin teacher and is leading the field trip, tosses him a pen that turned into a bronze sword. Percy swung the sword as Mrs. Dodds/the Fury and vaporised it. When it was all over, Mr. Brunner was gone and all he was holding was a plain ballpoint pen. Nobody remembers Mrs. Dodds, including Mr. Brunner. During break, Percy and his mom Sally Jackson go on a trip to Long Island, in a small cabin that they have been visiting since Percy was a baby. That night, Percy’s friend Grover Under-wood  came running out of nowhere and tell them that they have to leave. They try to outrun whatever was chasing them, but it was not successful and Sally vanished in a streak of light by the Minotaur. In anger, Percy wrenched off a horn and killed the Minotaur. He supports the hurt Grover to the house that Sally had instructed for him to go and collapses. He comes through again three days later, healed by nectar and ambrosia. Grover turned out to be a satyr, half human, half goat, and Mr. Brunner was actually the Chiron, a centaur. Percy discovers that this was Camp Half-Blood, the only safe haven for the Greek demigods, which meant that all the other kids there had a godly parent, like Percy. As he settles in makes a friend named Annabeth, the Oracle, or the fortune teller, predicts that Percy must go on a quest to save Zeus master lightning bolt before summer solstice or Zeus will declare war against Poseidon, Percy’s father. Can Percy save the bolt?


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