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The Ruins of Gorlan: Five-star review!

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Will is an ordinary Castle ward, orphaned and under the care of generous Baron Arald, ruler of Redmont Fief. Once the Castle wards turn fifteen, the are a candidate to the Choosing, unique to the Castle wards and giving them a chance to win a life for themselves as apprentice to a Craftmaster.  Those who are not chosen are confined to life as a farmhand. Will has no special talents, and he fears that he will not be chosen. At the Choosing, Will discovers with shock that Halt, the fief’s Ranger, is present. The Rangers are an intelligence force, the eyes and ears of the Kingdom of Araluen and trained in the art of being unseen, though common folk believe they are practitioners of black magic. After Will is refused Battleschool training by the Battlemaster, Sir Rodney, Halt steps forward and hands the Baron a piece of paper. Will is now a Ranger’s apprentice… what horrors await him? A medieval story of courage and determination.


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