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Sorry’s and Thank You’s

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Hi guys,

I know this is not that much of a popular blog and th subscriber count is 12, but I want to thank all those bloggers out there who’ve remained with me as I keep blogging. A bit late, but Happy Valentines Day everyone 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed it. Anyway, this is also to say sorry for the post I didn’t post last week because I was at the holidays for Chinese New Year. I’ll amend it by giving you the follow-up to ‘The Ruins of Gorlan’, ‘The Burning Bridge’. Not to advertise, but the Ranger’s Apprentice books are awesome. I’ll try to get the second book in the Warriors series posted by Friday. Keep blogging and watch out for the posts!

The Burning Bridge

Will and Horace are chosen on an official embassy to Celtica to accompany Gilan. As went the old Celtic saying, ‘One man may be deceit. Two can be conspiracy. Three is the number I trust.’ The quest started seemingly peaceful, but a curtain of mystery  is pulled up  when the trio discovers that Celtica is deserted! Along the way, they stumble upon a girl named Evanlyn. But what is going on in Celtica, and can they uncover the secret?


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