The Fantasy of Reading

Having your own fantasy bookshelf.

The Icebound Land: An icy sequel to Will’s second adventure!

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After the victory with Morgarath, tragedy has struck Halt. Will is captured by the Skandians and might not be ever seen by his beloved mentor again. On the rough seas of the winter Stormwhite, Will accompanies Evanlyn on the ultimate trip of doom as they head for the merciless slaves’ barracks of Hallasholm. Meanwhile, Halt is driven mad by the loss of his favorite apprentice. He goes to extreme measures and finally leaves Araluen in search of Will, exiled from the kingdom. But the situation takes a plunge when Will is infected by a drug named warmweed, and  the damage may be beyond repair. Can the Ranger be reunited with his apprentice at last?


I hope you’ll try Ranger’s Apprentice as I don’t like leaving you guys hanging after my book reports. But please beware of the violence during the battles, though sometimes I think the charismatic events and the unfailing humour is enough to make up for it. 🙂


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