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The Sea of Monsters: Frighteningly funny!


The school year was seemingly peaceful for Percy Jackson until an unluckily dangerous game of “deathball”. Without meaning to, Percy had found an one-eyed Cyclops brother and a couple of vicious Lastrygonians. Arriving at Camp Half-Blood, he discovers that the pine tree that had been guarding the magical borders of camp have been poisoned and Chiron, their centaur activities director and the teacher of heroes, has been banished. Instead, he is replaced by Tantalus, the evil mortal king brought back from the Underworld. When Percy finds Grover, his friend the satyr who has been missing for months, in his dreams, Grover pleads for him to rescue him at the Sea of Monsters. The campers demand a quest, and Tantalus has no choice but to elect the hero…. Clarisse LaRue, Percy’s arch-enemy. Percy hates being stuck in camp, but he can’t do anything. Surprisingly, Hermes drops in for a visit and urges Percy on,  leaving him with the supplies necessary. Driven by the harpies, Percy takes Annabeth and Tyson on a charismatic adventure into the Sea of Monsters, to save Grover and the unknown element that might save the camp…


2 thoughts on “The Sea of Monsters: Frighteningly funny!

  1. Hi Alice

    I think your sum up of Percy Jackson #2 is really good!!

    I really like your blog


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