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Princess Academy: A delightfully royal surprise from Shannon Hale!

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Do you know that kind of feeling, like when you’ve eaten the same thing too many times and you think it’s sick? I never thought I’d say this, but since I only do reviews once a week it’s getting boring reading the same series on a regular basis. So boo-yah! Something to change the tastes a bit. I’ve read both Princess Academy books and they are definitely awesome. And don’t be fooled by the royal title, the fantastical story behind it might surprise you!

PRINCESS ACADEMY: The prequel to the sequel (I came up with it)

Miri was just a mountain girl on Mount Eskel, milking the goats and fetching water for the quarry-workers. But no, she wasn’t allowed into the quarry, not the like other girls, Frid and Bena and Liana and Marda, using their mallets to mine linder blocks among the others  from the heart of the mountain. She was as skinny as a lowlander’s arm, not even alike in the slightest to her namesake, the miri flower, bravely pushing up from the craggy rocks and up into the sunlight. Miri was useless, and she resorted to Peder, her only friend who didn’t work in the quarry, as a source of laughter and fun. She liked him a lot, in fact, before the traders came with the chief delegate and everything was changed. Before the princess academy started.

The chief delegate came to only announce of one matter: the princess academy. The prince of Danland has come of age and it was time for him to choose his bride. For the first time in forever, the priests of God have divined Mount Eskel as the place where the next princess was to be found, the first territory chosen instead of a province. And so a princess academy was to be started, to educate the coarse mountain girls that were of age in the ways of the lowlands, from Speech to Poise to Diplomacy, to be fit to marry the price and be the future princess of Danland. Miri, fourteen, was singled out from Marda, her sister, to go to the princess academy, leaving her plain home behind. Ahead was a new future full of education and the chance, however slim, to go to the lowlands and start a new life where she had the power. Could Miri have found where she belonged at last? Or did her happily ever after await her in another direction?


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