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The Thirteenth Princess: The Twelve Dancing Princesses, with one extra!

Once upon a time, when I planned my blogging schedule, I’d wanted to do either Physik, the third in Septimus Heap, or Forest of Secrets, a sequel to Fire and Ice. Sadly, I couldn’t get to the library over the weekends, so I’ve cozied up with another fairy tale twist. This one’s called the Thirteenth Princess. The twelve princesses are the damsels in distress, but it takes their brave thirteenth sister to save them all. A fantasy fit for a Fantasy Bookshelf!

The Thirteenth Princess: The servant princess

Zita isn’t a princess, not one of the blond-haired, blue-eyed, beautiful girls who lived in the tall towers, way out of reach of a simple scullery maid. She had ugly red curls, and her green eyes was nowhere near the clear aquamarine of her sisters’. But Cook isn’t one to lie, and caught whispered conversations confirmed Zita’s relation to the legendary princesses. To her delight, she was welcomed among her sisters and the week passed in anticipation of the Sunday meetings through the dumbwaiters. But when her sister start acting strangely, is she up to the task to save them, and can she?


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Princess Academy: A delightfully royal surprise from Shannon Hale!

Do you know that kind of feeling, like when you’ve eaten the same thing too many times and you think it’s sick? I never thought I’d say this, but since I only do reviews once a week it’s getting boring reading the same series on a regular basis. So boo-yah! Something to change the tastes a bit. I’ve read both Princess Academy books and they are definitely awesome. And don’t be fooled by the royal title, the fantastical story behind it might surprise you!

PRINCESS ACADEMY: The prequel to the sequel (I came up with it)

Miri was just a mountain girl on Mount Eskel, milking the goats and fetching water for the quarry-workers. But no, she wasn’t allowed into the quarry, not the like other girls, Frid and Bena and Liana and Marda, using their mallets to mine linder blocks among the others  from the heart of the mountain. She was as skinny as a lowlander’s arm, not even alike in the slightest to her namesake, the miri flower, bravely pushing up from the craggy rocks and up into the sunlight. Miri was useless, and she resorted to Peder, her only friend who didn’t work in the quarry, as a source of laughter and fun. She liked him a lot, in fact, before the traders came with the chief delegate and everything was changed. Before the princess academy started.

The chief delegate came to only announce of one matter: the princess academy. The prince of Danland has come of age and it was time for him to choose his bride. For the first time in forever, the priests of God have divined Mount Eskel as the place where the next princess was to be found, the first territory chosen instead of a province. And so a princess academy was to be started, to educate the coarse mountain girls that were of age in the ways of the lowlands, from Speech to Poise to Diplomacy, to be fit to marry the price and be the future princess of Danland. Miri, fourteen, was singled out from Marda, her sister, to go to the princess academy, leaving her plain home behind. Ahead was a new future full of education and the chance, however slim, to go to the lowlands and start a new life where she had the power. Could Miri have found where she belonged at last? Or did her happily ever after await her in another direction?

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Easter Combo: The Magical Duo!

So here it is; another sorry. (Yikes!) I guess you guys get a bit tired of these, but I gotta apologize for skipping the reviews over during Easter. Well, let’s not plain talk. Make way for the Easter Combo: The Magical Duo! In reality it’s actually two books from series that you guys have met: Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Potterheads, start cheering! Percy Forevers, whoop! So why don’t we get a head start from the boring details. Books, books, more books!


Harry is more than glad to start his second year at Hogwarts; Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia fear him and has reverted to pretending he was invisible, and Dudley is as obnoxious as ever, if not a safe distance away. However, a surprise visit from Dobby the house elf puts him in the doghouse. Escaping to the sanctuary of the Weasley’s Burrow, he thinks that things are back to normal, but another surprise awaits him. At Platform 9 and 3/4, he and Ron are stuck. When they finally arrive at Hogwarts via Mr. Weasley’s flying car, they are on the line. Harry tries his best not to get into any trouble, but a mysterious journal in the abandoned girls’ toilet. Harry is fascinated with the journal and he soon discovers its magic: It has a life of it’s own. Harry exchanges questions Tom Riddle, the owner of the journal, through it’s magic. When strange things start happening at Hogwarts, the diary is mysteriously stolen from his dormitory. Ominous warnings about the banishment of Mudbloods appear, and spiders are to be seen everywhere, escaping into the Forbidden Forest. Harry keeps hearing voices enaminating from the walls, using his gift of Parseltongue. Hermione is Petrified, and the only clue that she has left Harry and Ron is a crumpled page about the basilisk. There is only one word to lead them on: PIPES. Rumours are flying everywhere, but is the Chamber of Secrets truly open?


Percy didn’t ask for anything, but without meaning it his crazy world had just turned crazier. Two powerful demigods, a manticore, Annabeth missing, and an unexpected encounter with the Hunters of Artemis was definitely not asked for. Especially not staying with them back at Camp Half-Blood. Once back at camp, Percy keeps having nightmares about Annabeth being imprisoned in a dark cavern and the General. Percy has gone to the Oracle for answers, but only during a “friendly” game of capture the flag does the Oracle finally appear. Out of the attic for the first time in hundreds of years, the mummy speaks a worrying prophecy of a group of five, combined of Hunters and campers, off to save Artemis. One is to die in the land without water, and another is to perish at a parents hand. Percy can’t go on the quest, not with Thalia also being a daughter of Zeus, children of one of the Big Three. But he yearns to go after Annabeth, and after a monster rescue under Long Island Sound, he has set his heart. He sets off to join the quest of four invisibly while one of the chosen Hunters remains at camp. But can they succeed on their quest, and will the two lost demigods be only two of many that are going to die?


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Flyte versus Fire and Ice

Hey guys,

It’s time for the book reviews to come on! Today we’re gonna have a contest. Drumroll… Flyte versus Fire and Ice! So here’s how it goes: I’ll review both books in this post and there’s going to be a poll at the end of it for you to vote. It’ll be slightly hard to choose as both are the second books in series of six or seven, but I’ll do my best to explain things that happened in its prequel. Enough talk. Books ahoy!


Everything’s off to a new start: Jenna has taken her rightful place as princess at the Palace, moving in with her adopted parents Silas and Sarah, and Septimus is learning the ropes to being the ExtraOrdinary Apprentice to Marcia Overstrand, who has been lately shadowed by her Shadow. They’re settling into their new roles and everything is well… until the dark horseman arrived. Simon, the eldest brother among the seven Heaps, has turned Darke. He is jealous of Septimus for usurping his right to be ExtraOrdinary Apprentice, which he always assumed would be his place. Now Simon is the apprentice to the late DomDaniel and he has been performing gruesome tasks for a year, ordered by the skeleton of his mentor. Simon has kidnapped Jenna to complete his latest task and has taken her to the Badlands, but no one will believe Septimus that Simon is really Darke. While Septimus tries to convince Marcia to search for Jenna, Jenna is being taken to Simon’s Observatory, tucked deep into the Border Mountains. Finally giving up his verbal battle with his mentor, Septimus sets off on his own with Nicko on a quest to find Jenna. But Jenna isn’t the ordinary type of princess; she carves her way out (literally!) and escapes on Simon’s horse. Now that the Heap children are scattered out in the wilderness, what does it take to bring it all together? (Hint: Flyte!)


Fireheart and Graystripe are finally made warriors after hard moons of training. But Tigerclaw’s malevolent presence is still lurking in ThunderClan, buried in secret. Fireheart has to warn Bluestar what Tigerclaw is capable of, to uncover the churning secrets under the surface. Meanwhile, a rift forms between the two best friends with Graystripe’s love in the middle. Graystipe has fallen in love with a cat from a rival Clan; namely, Silverstream of RiverClan. Fireheart is torn between decisions: should he betray his friend and tell Bluestar about the forbidden love, or is Tigerstar’s treachery more important?


The Sea of Monsters: Frighteningly funny!

The school year was seemingly peaceful for Percy Jackson until an unluckily dangerous game of “deathball”. Without meaning to, Percy had found an one-eyed Cyclops brother and a couple of vicious Lastrygonians. Arriving at Camp Half-Blood, he discovers that the pine tree that had been guarding the magical borders of camp have been poisoned and Chiron, their centaur activities director and the teacher of heroes, has been banished. Instead, he is replaced by Tantalus, the evil mortal king brought back from the Underworld. When Percy finds Grover, his friend the satyr who has been missing for months, in his dreams, Grover pleads for him to rescue him at the Sea of Monsters. The campers demand a quest, and Tantalus has no choice but to elect the hero…. Clarisse LaRue, Percy’s arch-enemy. Percy hates being stuck in camp, but he can’t do anything. Surprisingly, Hermes drops in for a visit and urges Percy on,  leaving him with the supplies necessary. Driven by the harpies, Percy takes Annabeth and Tyson on a charismatic adventure into the Sea of Monsters, to save Grover and the unknown element that might save the camp…

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The Icebound Land: An icy sequel to Will’s second adventure!

After the victory with Morgarath, tragedy has struck Halt. Will is captured by the Skandians and might not be ever seen by his beloved mentor again. On the rough seas of the winter Stormwhite, Will accompanies Evanlyn on the ultimate trip of doom as they head for the merciless slaves’ barracks of Hallasholm. Meanwhile, Halt is driven mad by the loss of his favorite apprentice. He goes to extreme measures and finally leaves Araluen in search of Will, exiled from the kingdom. But the situation takes a plunge when Will is infected by a drug named warmweed, and  the damage may be beyond repair. Can the Ranger be reunited with his apprentice at last?


I hope you’ll try Ranger’s Apprentice as I don’t like leaving you guys hanging after my book reports. But please beware of the violence during the battles, though sometimes I think the charismatic events and the unfailing humour is enough to make up for it. 🙂

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Sorry’s and Thank You’s

Hi guys,

I know this is not that much of a popular blog and th subscriber count is 12, but I want to thank all those bloggers out there who’ve remained with me as I keep blogging. A bit late, but Happy Valentines Day everyone 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed it. Anyway, this is also to say sorry for the post I didn’t post last week because I was at the holidays for Chinese New Year. I’ll amend it by giving you the follow-up to ‘The Ruins of Gorlan’, ‘The Burning Bridge’. Not to advertise, but the Ranger’s Apprentice books are awesome. I’ll try to get the second book in the Warriors series posted by Friday. Keep blogging and watch out for the posts!

The Burning Bridge

Will and Horace are chosen on an official embassy to Celtica to accompany Gilan. As went the old Celtic saying, ‘One man may be deceit. Two can be conspiracy. Three is the number I trust.’ The quest started seemingly peaceful, but a curtain of mystery  is pulled up  when the trio discovers that Celtica is deserted! Along the way, they stumble upon a girl named Evanlyn. But what is going on in Celtica, and can they uncover the secret?