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Having your own fantasy bookshelf.


April to May: Monthly Poll

So, ah-hum, the poll. The old(er) timers are probably going, ‘Ugh, how come she never gets sick of doing this?’ Well, my apprentice, in simple words, it is fun! I’ve hoping that once more people are hitting my blog (in literal terms, I mean) there’d be more voters. Sadly, no. 😦 Ah, well, I shouldn’t set my standards too high. My blog is just a website where I can find some peace in this big, hustle bustle world.

“I’m just a girl trying to find a place in this world.”

— Taylor Swift, A Place In This World


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Monthly Poll: March to April

Drum roll……

So here comes the monthly poll! Sorry guys I forgot the one from Febuary to March but here’s new one 🙂

I hope that not all of you are going choose ‘Other’ even though I know there aren’t as many choices as the last poll. But it’s kinda hard and tiring to rack my brain for answers every month. So forgive me for once 🙂 Be on the lookout for Flyte (and Fire and Ice, maybe)!

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“Classic – a book people praise and don’t read.”
– Mark Twain

That’s what happens – a book everybody praises but doesn’t read. Out of a million people, any could have written great, inspiring works, but only gets praised. This site is dedicated for one purpose –  let the wondrous authors who have taken us all around the world and through time be properly recognized and be praised, and the books read, of course. I hope all the readers out there can live an  even happier life reading the works that many others have praised – and read.