The Fantasy of Reading

Having your own fantasy bookshelf.

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Monthly Poll: March to April

Drum roll……

So here comes the monthly poll! Sorry guys I forgot the one from Febuary to March but here’s new one ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope that not all of you are going choose ‘Other’ even though I know there aren’t as many choices as the last poll. But it’s kinda hard and tiring to rack my brain for answers every month. So forgive me for once ๐Ÿ™‚ Be on the lookout for Flyte (and Fire and Ice, maybe)!


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The Icebound Land: An icy sequel to Will’s second adventure!

After the victory with Morgarath, tragedy has struck Halt. Will is captured by the Skandians and might not be ever seen by his beloved mentor again. On the rough seas of the winter Stormwhite, Will accompanies Evanlyn on the ultimate trip of doom as they head for the merciless slaves’ barracks of Hallasholm. Meanwhile, Halt is driven mad by the loss of his favorite apprentice. He goes to extreme measures and finally leaves Araluen in search of Will, exiled from the kingdom. But the situation takes a plunge when Will is infected by a drug named warmweed, and ย the damage may be beyond repair. Can the Ranger be reunited with his apprentice at last?


I hope you’ll try Ranger’s Apprentice as I don’t like leaving you guys hanging after my book reports. But please beware of the violence during the battles, though sometimes I think the charismatic events and the unfailing humour is enough to make up for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sorry’s and Thank You’s

Hi guys,

I know this is not that much of a popular blog and th subscriber count is 12, but I want to thank all those bloggers out there who’ve remained with me as I keep blogging. A bit late, but Happy Valentines Day everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you all enjoyed it. Anyway, this is also to say sorry for the post I didn’t post last week because I was at the holidays for Chinese New Year. I’ll amend it by giving you the follow-up to ‘The Ruins of Gorlan’, ‘The Burning Bridge’. Not to advertise, but the Ranger’s Apprentice books are awesome. I’ll try to get the second book in the Warriors series posted by Friday. Keep blogging and watch out for the posts!

The Burning Bridge

Will and Horace are chosen on an official embassy to Celtica to accompany Gilan. As went the old Celtic saying, ‘One man may be deceit. Two can be conspiracy. Three is the number I trust.’ย The quest started seemingly peaceful, but a curtain of mystery ย is pulled up ย when the trio discovers that Celtica is deserted! Along the way, they stumble upon a girl named Evanlyn. But what is going on in Celtica, and can they uncover the secret?

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Feather boy: Sure to make you cry!

Nicky Singer brings us an emotional story about love and faith. Norbert No-bottle is the class squit. He’s the boy who is the lamest, who has duck’s down instead of hair. Jonathon Niker is the popular one, but he won’t know what it’s like to look through Norbert’s glasses. But I do. Because I am Norbert No-bottle. It all wouldn’t have started if it hadn’t been for the Elders Project. My Elder, Mrs. Sorrel, is a crazy woman. Or so I thought. Edith Sorrel has a story… She told me I can do anything. But can I? Can I survive Chance House?

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Just Back!

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with book reviews, but please help me vote!

Be Bright and Writeยฎ

Iโ€™m sorry that recently I havenโ€™t been posting and it is a great disappointment for followers, I know that feeling. Well, Iโ€™m the two-week jaunt to Singapore certainly gave me new ideas I can hopefully start working on in the near future. Whether youโ€™re a follower or not, help me pick my next piece!

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The Willoughbys: Hilariously told

Lois Lowry’s short story “The Willoughbys” is, as you might have guessed, about the Willoughbys! There are four old-fashioned children in the family. The eldest was a tall boy named Tim, and since he is the oldest he is in charge of practically everything. ย Then there was the two Barnabys, called Barnaby A and Barnaby B. Finally, there was the little girl amidst all her brothers, called Jane, as in all old-fashioned stories. They did what old-fashioned children did, played at the beach, had birthday parties, ย went to school in the city. But the problem is, their parents detest them and think they are a waste of space. One day, the children found a baby on the doorstep. Their mother does not approve of “it” and tell them to dispose of the infant. And so the baby is left for a miserable but rich confectioner that lost his wife, known as Captain Melanoff, and though they don’t know it their lives had become closely linked together. When they are abandoned by their parents to the care of an “odious” nanny and had the house sold, they are taken in to the custody of Captain Melanoff, who has found joy in life again because of the baby girl named Ruth. Captain Melanoff also has a long-lost son, stuck in Switzerland. But how will they get their happily ever after?